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RescueVet, helps maintain physical and emotional balance of pets

The RescueVet homeopathic drops, a natural health product that helps maintain physical and emotional balance of pets. All HomeoVet remedies are especially formulated by experts in homeopathy according to rigorous manufacturing standards. Veterinary use only for animal, cats & dogs.

Medicinal ingredients
– Aconitum napellus D10/10X
– Apis melli fica D10/10X
– Arnica montana D10/10X
– Arsenicum album D10/10X
– Belladonna D10/10X
– Bellis perennis D10/10X
– Bryonia alba D10/10X
– Calendula of ficinalis D10/10X
– Chamomilla D10/10X
– Cistus canadensis D10/10X
– Ferrum phosphoricum D10/10X
– Hypericum perforatum D10/10X
– Ignatia amara D10/10X
– Passifl ora incarnata D10/10X
– Phosphorus D10/10X
– Rhus toxicodendron D10/10X
– Sulphur D10/10X
– Shymphytum officinale D10/10X
– Veratrum album D10/10X

Non-medicinal ingredients
– Alcohol 10%
– Purified water

This product has no artificial color, no artificial flavor and gluten-free, sugar-free.

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