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It is here that we fused all the cat favorites together. This toy is sure to get you cat active and playful because it contains two plants that fully entice cats in the wild. Now, what do you get when you fuse the stimulants present in catnip with those present in the naturally occurring silver vine? Add hemp tussles to the equation too. You get a cat whose energy levels almost match those of the supernova. This kitty will rush about, peek over its shoulder at you with widened eyes and then leap around grabbing tussles between its paws. Your cat will be adorably rolling on the floor soon, holding in its fluffy little paws this cool cat toy. The cat toy consists of a silver vine stick. On both ends of the stick are attached braided hemp chords which are infused with strong catnip essence. The toy is completely safe for cats. The last thing we would want is your cat getting sick, so we made sure that all the components of this chewy cat toy were fully natural and organic. This miraculous magic want is one of the finest cat toys available in our collection. Whip is out every playtime to enjoy your cat's reaction. Before it's too long, this cat toy would become your cat's favorite toy to play with. If you know any cat lovers, do not hesitate to get one of these for them. The toy has a compact shape and its very light, so your cat will be able to carry it around in its mouth with ease. If you are looking for cat toys for her, well this silver vine toy is the perfect pick.
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