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Tail Blazers Barrie is a family business.  Family, community and education are important to us.

Meet our family:  

About Us | Tail Blazers Barrie Family

Rommel - is usually out front in the store greeting customers by name.  Rommel loves to talk about a species appropriate diet for your pets.

Shelli - loves to learn and share this information with customers.  She has completed certificates in Family Herbalism, Natural Skin Care, Pharmacology of Food, Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing), a diploma in Clinical Pet Nutrition (Holistic) and is currently enrolled in Advanced Canine Nutrition with the Companion Animal Sciences Institute.

If you message in questions about health issues or products, it is Shelli you are probably speaking with.

Brandon - has a love for music and computers.  He is currently teaching himself several instruments and does a lot of the social media for the store.  Brandon also completed a Herbalism program and Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing).

Cody - has a goal to become a professional wrestler, and has been training with a former WWE Wrestling superstar to achieve his goal.  While in store Cody is stocking shelves and putting away those heavy frozen orders.

Our goal is to provide our community with access to the highest quality holistic pet products available.  We focus on biologically appropriate raw pet food and alternative holistic supplements to achieve overall better health.  Pets add years to our lives, now it's time we add some to theirs!


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