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Tail Blazers Barrie is truly a family business! Shelli, Rommel, along with their boys Brandon and Cody all have active roles in the store.

Rommel loves to talk about raw pet food and is typically the first face you see when entering the store.  In a few short visits he will be greeting you by name and giving treats to your pets!

Shelli has been studying natural health for over 25 years.  She has completed certificates in Herbalism (both for pets & humans), Natural Skin Care, Pharmacology of Foods, several certificates in Homeopathy (pets & humans), a diploma in Clinical Pet Nutrition from the Academy of Natural Health Sciences, a certificate in Advanced Canine Nutrition from the Companion Animal Sciences Institute, and most recently working on completing a certificate in Canine and Feline Nutrition with Southern Illinois University.

Shelli loves sharing what she has learned and how to apply the knowledge to help with the health challenges that many furry friends now face.

When messaging or emailing the store, Shelli is who you are speaking with.

Rommel and Shelli have witnessed with their own fur babies what a healthy diet and natural supplements can do to improve their pet’s quality of life and are excited to share with the community of Barrie!

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